I Got My Job Back!

I walked out of my job 3 weeks ago. I’m not going to publicly discuss the circumstances surrounding such a brash, immature move, but please know that my work ethic is strong and that for 2.5 years, I poured my heart and soul into that job. It was BAD for me to have done it. Very bad.

My boss had been asking my best friend how I was doing, if I had found anything, yada yada, for the last few weeks. She finally just told him to call me and he did. He offered me to come back and extended an olive branch. It was never him I was angry with. I had just met my limit that particular day (and my bullsh*t tolerance is sky high anymore).

I met with HR and my boss and while they were slightly punitive (what other way to go about it was there?) and told me I would have to sign a final written warning (meaning I can’t screw up once, but I never had in the past anyway), but I could have my job back.

Was it a good idea accepting the thing that drove me so insane back into my life? YES. YES. AND YES. For one thing, I will no longer be in a supervisory position, thank the Lord. Second, the people I work with are like no group of people I’ve ever met. There is so much concentrated good and love in that place. You don’t work where I do if you care about a paycheck or status. You work there because you care. 

My boss did say that there will be some naysayers. There are always haters. That basically f**k me for coming back and f**k my boss for letting me, but who cares. I know exactly who he is talking about and they hate themselves. Go drink some haterade, guys. Hope you don’t inhale it on accident and spend 20 minutes spewing little drops of it out of your nose in front of somebody important.

I’m excited.