I’m Categorizing! Read!

I post a lot of personal stuff online in public because I am just like that. I mean it’s nothing incriminating or embarrassing, just personal. In real life, I am completely guarded. I wasn’t raised to open my big mouth and start blabbing about everything, quite the opposite. I guess I feel like on the internet, if you don’t like it, you can scroll through. If you do like it, let’s hold hands and make a toast to insanity together.

Anyway, it seems absolutely ridiculous to post “oh yeah, I had disordered eating thoughts today” or “oh my god, somebody help me, I’m panicking over this freckle on my knee” and then go and post my happy, pink, and very oftentimes, sparkly art.

My world, if I could have my own (Bob Ross seemed to think you could…), would be happy, pink, and sparkly. We would all live in the clouds, everyone would get a long, and there would be bubbles and stars and pink everywhere. My art is the exact opposite of how I’m feeling. The worse I feel, the cuter my art gets.

But fellow sufferers of panic d/o, travelers, and my clinically depressed friends probably don’t want to be bombarded with these images or plugs to visit my Etsy shop, where I’m floundering around trying to sell art online (close to impossible, by the way, but I live in the middle of nowhere, so local is even more out of the question).

So I created a blog specifically for my Etsy shop. It’s clakeart.wordpress.com

You can follow me there if you’re interested in my stupid, cute paintings. Or here, because occasionally, I may still post here, just without the plugging.

And if you just like to read me ramble about feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack at most times of the day, stay here with me and be my buddy.