Panic and New Paintings

I started my day with a panic attack that seemed like it lasted an eternity. I got myself calmed down and two hours later, WHAM! Another one. The last one was triggered by hunger pangs that sparked memories of an eating disorder I’ve sustained off and on throughout most of my life. Where did any of this come from? My god, I don’t know why I’m so fragile right now. Ugh. It’s exhausting.

I put on clothes, went to the art store, and I bought some 3D canvases and made these:

You can see more shots in my¬†Etsy shop, if you’re interested. The pink one is my fave. I’m on a pink jag at the moment. Space, too.

Painting calmed me down. I attempted a self portrait, which was awful, but playing with paint sure turned my day around. Im covered in pink and Prussian blue now!